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Based on years of experience in the electric power industry with investment projects in the country and abroad as well as in working with young people in educational institutions, ESI was established in order to consolidate the experience gained in the implementation of projects and young professionals who have not had the opportunity to share their knowledge on concrete projects. Period with no investments in the region has led to a situation in which the personnel scattered to various companies in the country and the abroad.

We decided that it is necessary to create a team that will be able to unite on specific projects all resources.

Established partnerships with major international companies, especially with companies from the Republic of China, Germany, Netherlands, England, Russia opened up prospects and confirmed that a decision on the formation of ESI Ltd and its profiling as a system integrator was justified.

Successful implementation of projects in the region conditioned by the involvement of local resources. Bridge between technology, financial resources and specific projects requires system integration. To achieve the same essential personnel with experience, but also the young expert staff to help the company grow into specific projects with top experts necessary for the implementation of specific projects.

We have established firm cooperation with a number of internationally renown companies in our line of work and will keep broadening our network or partners in the future.

  • China Huadian Corporation

  • Chrysses Demetriades

  • CTEU

  • Ecologica Urbo


  • PricewaterhouseCoopers

  • FSDI

  • Gazprom, Rusija

  • IMG, Beograd

  • IHC

  • Kraftanlagen

  • Secutiron


  • Srebrn&Tuš

  • Tebodin d.o.o.

  • Termoelektro

  • Turboinštitut, Slovenija

  • J&P

  • MACE, Srbija

  • MCE, Berlin

  • NIS a.d.


  • SS&A Power Consultancy

  • Saobraćajni institut CIP

  • MVM-Ovit, Hungary

  • TUV SUD Serbia

  • Unipromet, Čačak

  • Futura

  • Vassiliko Cement Works

  • Wärtsilä